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CapyBright™ Night Light

CapyBright™ Night Light

🌙 Introducing our Adorkable Silicone LED CapyBright Night Light 🦫

✨ Illuminate your world with the enchanting glow of this Touch Sensor Nightlight. A perfect Animal Lamp for cozy evenings.

👶 Safe Children's Rechargeable Night Light: RoHS and CE certified, made of baby-safe BPA-free silicone. Soft and comfortable to touch, it's 100% safe and kid-friendly. Knead it as much as you want for a soothing experience.

💡 2 Adjustable Light Modes: The cute CapyBright night light offers 2 levels of brightness to fulfil different moods. Low light mode is perfect for sleeping.

⏱️ 20-minute Timed Off Function: Set the CapyBright night light to automatically turn off after 20 minutes. Providing a comfortable sleeping environment for you. It's a worry-free solution that saves energy.

🎨 Interesting Design: Beyond being a night light, it's a stress-reliever you can squeeze it as much as you want. Return it to its original state and use it as a lovely home atmosphere ornament. A multi-functional and adorable animal night light.

🎁 Ideal Gift: The perfect birthday gift, a lucky Valentine's Day present, or a cute surprise for children.

Illuminate bedtime with the whimsical charm of our Adorkable Silicone LED CapyBright Night Light – a delightful blend of functionality and cuteness! 🌙

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Is the CapyBright Night Light energy-efficient?

Yes, the CapyBright Night Light utilizes modern LED technology, which is highly energy-efficient and cost-effective. You can enjoy the soothing glow of the night light without worrying about a significant increase in your electricity bill.

Is the CapyBright Night Light safe for use in children's rooms?

Absolutely, the CapyBright Night Light is designed with safety in mind. It emits a gentle and calming light that is perfect for children's rooms, helping to create a comforting environment for a good night's sleep. Additionally, the night light stays cool to the touch, making it safe for kids to handle.

Can the brightness of the CapyBright Night Light be adjusted?

Yes, the CapyBright Night Light features adjustable brightness settings, allowing you to customize the level of light to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a soft glow for a relaxing ambiance or a slightly brighter light for visibility, this night light offers flexibility to cater to your needs.

Does the CapyBright Night Light come with a warranty?

Yes, the CapyBright Night Light comes with a satisfaction guarantee and a warranty to ensure your peace of mind. In the rare event that you encounter any issues with the product, our customer support team is ready to assist you and provide a solution to make sure you are fully satisfied with your purchase.

How easy is it to set up and use the CapyBright Night Light?

Setting up and using the CapyBright Night Light is incredibly simple and hassle-free. With its plug-and-play design, you can easily insert it into any standard outlet and start enjoying the gentle illumination it provides. There are no complicated instructions or installation processes involved, making it a convenient addition to your home.